Registration… that’s what you need!

You sent us questions on registering to vote and we’re here to answer them! Let’s go…

You may have seen our ever-so-slightly complex infographic on t’internet. Lookit. So pretty…


This should answer everything you need to know. But if it doesn’t, have a butchers at this lot…

“Oh, NO! politics and elections just bore the pants off me!”

Vote? Don’t vote? It’s up to you! But it still pays to be registered so that you have the option come election day. Especially as one of our politicians may charm your pants off by the time the election rolls around, and you’ll be kicking yourself if you’re not able to take part.

“I work and pay taxes but I have no fixed abode.” giphy-2

Sofa surfing/travelling etc shouldn’t stand in the way of you voting. You can visit your local electoral office and complete a ‘Declaration of Local Connection’ form to register. Or you can download it here:

“Schlep down to my Electoral Registration Office? I’m too lazy!”tumblr_inline_mtmra6tCAx1rz3hc2

You can do most things online, but some people may need to head to their local office in person. Once there, they can also tell you where to send your register to vote form, and where to send your postal vote or proxy vote application form. Plus, they might make you a nice cup of tea if you smile… no, they really won’t, sorry. They’re quite busy.

“Hang on, I like my privacy. I don’t want to be on the open register!”

Don’t want anyone finding out information about you? No problem. You can contact your local Electoral Registration Office to opt in or out of the ‘open register’ – the version of the electoral register that’s available to anyone who wants to buy a copy.

“I’m in/will be in the armed forces. Can you still do a postal vote?”
Thatll Learn Ya Gif - Thatll Learn Ya!

We salute you, sir/madam. You can follow this helpful link here which explains all you need to do:

Your graphic says the queen can’t vote, but she can.”tumblr_md4er4FSyo1r7e7seo2_500

It’s technically not illegal for the queen, or members of her family, to vote, but they don’t because in practice it would be considered unconstitutional. She can’t chop your head off anymore FYI.

Check out the BBC’s ‘who can vote’ page:

“I’m an EU citizen who lives in the UK. Can I vote?”

Well, bonjour! Guten tag! Ciao, even… But non. You can vote in the local and European elections, but when it comes to general elections, unfortunately not. You have to be a British citizen, a qualifying Commonwealth citizen or a citizen of the Republic of Ireland who’s not subject to any legal incapacity to vote

“I vote for revolution!”

Afraid they don’t currently have an option for that on the government website. Even if you don’t agree with the current system or the choices we have available, right now, this is the best way to change how things are run.

“My vote won’t make any difference? Why should I bother?”
You may think your vote won’t count, but if everyone had voted in the 2010 election, the outcome could have been very different.


(Image courtesy of ampp3d) Take a look at their fantastic ‘No Vote, No Voice’ article for more. 

Ready to register yet? Head to – it only takes five minutes. And you’re all done. Now you’ve just got to choose who to vote for, but let’s talk about that later! Yeah, we know how you feel…head-desk-bartlett-2


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